Announcing Lighthouse Property Management’s New Online Home

With more than 15 years of experience managing property in South Metro Atlanta, it comes as little surprise that hundreds of local landlords entrust their properties to the talented team at Lighthouse Property Management. Today, we’re pleased to announce the latest development in our efforts to continually provide innovative solutions to area property owners. Together with our friends at OpenPotion, we are launching the online home of Lighthouse Property Management. We’re excited for our clients to discover the incredible tools we’ve made available to them via this intuitive platform, all of which make it easier than ever before to interact with our experienced staff.

Engaging our Customers

When we first envisioned creating a new online space for our trusted clients, we knew we wanted the best the web had to offer. To create a dynamic web experience that incorporates a myriad of technological tools, we turned to the pros at OpenPotion, one of the industry’s leading providers of property management websites. Together with OpenPotion’s team of gifted designers and content creators, we’ve built a platform that will allow our customers to interact with Lighthouse Property Management like never before. From live chat support to dedicated portals for both tenants and property owners, we believe our new site’s prowess merely reflects the proactive approach that has long made Lighthouse Property Management one of South Atlanta’s leading property management groups.

Finding New Tenants

For property owners, quickly filling vacancies is perhaps one of the single most important responsibilities. Not only does filling vacancies quickly maximize profit margins, but it also prevents income loss. Our new platform makes it easy for tenants to find available properties, review specific details, and even submit an application online. Not only is this intuitive tool a great resource for renters in the metro area, but it allows our team to screen would-be tenants faster than ever before. For both landlords and tenants, this is an absolute win-win.

Resolving Issues and Addressing Problems

With time, nearly every tenant will encounter a maintenance problem or billing issue. Resolving these problems quickly is essential for our customers, as it keeps tenants satisfied. A loyal tenant not only takes better care of his or her rental property, but these renters are more likely to renew their lease when the time comes. While some property managers make their tenants jump through endless hoops to get in touch with their maintenance staff, Lighthouse Property Management has always aimed to make ourselves easily accessible to those who live in our properties. Now, getting in touch with us is easier than ever before.

The dedicated tenant portal makes it possible for our residents to quickly notify us whenever something goes wrong. Best of all, both tenants and property owners can use the portal to review accounts and update contact information. From A to Z, we have all of the bases covered.

Building a powerful online destination is merely another example of how Lighthouse Property Management is working to provide our customers with an unparalleled customer experience. We’ve continually demonstrated our commitment to both property owners and tenants through the comprehensive services we offer and friendly staff who run our company. It’s our hope that launching this new site will allow us to connect with our clients better than ever before, as we continue to strive to be the best property management group in all of North Georgia.